SPF50+ (2018)

Acrylics on board (92x 302cm)

The road, the way, the Camino, the path.
The pilgrimage by any name leads on.
To the rising sun, to enlightenment,
to the setting sun, to disillusionment,
or elsewhere?
This is the pilgrim’s choice.

Away from the road are the church and the factory.
They distract by offering the pilgrim hope.
But they sink and they pollute.
The visible pollution of the factory.
The invisible pollution of religion.

The pilgrim’s progress is well marked.
It’s guided by contradiction.
Yellow and black icons.
Warn. Guide.
Do not go there.
Do go there.
Stay on the road.
Keep off the road.

The world is broken.
The horizon, fractured.
Can the pilgrim progress?

Progress to what?
To the rising or setting sun?
To the false sanctuary of church?
To the tainted wealth of industry?

What is the destination? Whatever it may be. Wherever it may be. Choose, pilgrim choose.