Departure Customs (2013)

Mixed media

Departure Customs uses the metaphor of air travel to describe the process of dying. Sorry if this sounds rather dark I had just survived life-saving surgery so my mortality was very much on my mind. The five panels are titled ‘Visa Application,’ ‘Boarding Pass,’ ‘Transit Lounge,’ ‘Wheels Up’ and Bon Voyage.’

Each panel consisted of an egg shape indicating a source of life, the horizon indicating distance and a suitcase covered with what appear to be travel stickers which on closer inspection are revealed to be grave stone inscriptions (e.g. Rest in Peace). Each panel features photographic collage elements of two graveyard angels gradually removing business clothes.

So the passage of time is implied in two ways and in two vastly different time frames. At face value there is the time taken to go through the process of organising a flight and departing. On a deeper level there’s the passing of time in the process of dying.


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